1. Vaccination Progress

– Yesterday, Thailand administered 792,255 doses of vaccines, increasing the accumulated number of vaccination to 81,761,062 doses.

2. General Situation

– The number of new confirmed cases today 6,978 cases with 96,463 active cases and 7,679 new recoveries 62 new fatalities were registered yesterday, with an accumulated total of 19,826 or 1 percent fatality rate.

– Recap the briefing by Dr. Sumani Watcharasin concerning the Loy Krathong festival discussed by CCSA that small scale or private Loy Krathong activity is permitted but the large scale gathering for Loy Krathong or other festival activity is not permitted by CCSA and health authority.

– Despite being in the same situation or context of the pandemic situation, there is no template approach for every country. As for Thailand, one of the approaches that we have used for long is “quarantine” or landmark of our Covid-19 prevention. No country opened the border the same way as Thailand does. This is because the situation is different and it cannot be compared. Thailand used the approach that is effective and suitable for the country that had around 39-40 million travelers per year. The relaxation of the quarantine measure aims to bring back the balance between tourism/ economic dimensions and health measures.

– The CCSA will have the review of country’s reopening measure this Friday.

3. Vaccine progress

– The Government is providing more than 3.6 billion baht for research and development of ChulaCov19 vaccine and Baiya vaccine. It is a Thai-made mRNA vaccine developed by the Faculty of Medicine at Chulalongkorn University, which is currently performing the Phase 3 clinical testing on volunteers and production for vaccine registration.

– Another 1.309 billion baht has been budgeted for the Baiya coronavirus vaccine, or Baiya SARS-CoV-2 VAX1, project. It is being developed by Thai researchers from Baiya Phytopharm Co., Ltd., in cooperation with the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Chulalongkorn University.

– When Thailand can produce and modify both types of vaccines, Thailand will be able to cope even better with the outbreak of COVID-19 and other infections in the future.

4. Q&A

– There is an inquiry by a foreign friend: “In order to enter Thailand without quarantine, you have to be in a listed country for 21 days.

Does this have to be just 1 listed country for 21 days or can you have visited more than one listed country within those 21 days (UK & the Netherlands)?”

– International travelers must have been in any one or more listed countries for a total of at least 21 consecutive days before travelling to Thailand (except those with a proof of permanent resident in Thailand). So the answer is yes to that question if those countries are on the list.

Full CCSA English briefing can be viewed here >>> https://fb.watch/9b8egkx4e1/

Source: CCSA, Ministry of Public Health, Department of Information, Ministry of Foreign