1. Yesterday, an additional of 206,820 doses of vaccine have been administered. The aggregate total of those who have received their first jabs now stands at 20,430,028, while those who have received their second dose stands at 6,065,003 or roughly 8.4 percent of the entire population.

2. Last Friday, the Public Health Ministry signed a contract to purchase another 10 million doses of Pfizer, raising the total to 30 million doses for delivery by the end of this year. This procurement is part of a Disease Control Department’s plan to purchase 100 million doses of various types of COVID-19 vaccines by the end of this year.

3. The CCSA advised the general public not to fall prey to online scam circulating on social media soliciting pre-payment for Pfizer vaccine as it will be provided free of charge as part of the government’s national vaccination rollout plan, due to arrive in Thailand in the fourth quarter of this year.

4. 257 inoculated foreign tourists had traveled to Samui, after spending two weeks in Phuket under the “sandbox” scheme. However, flights between Phuket and Samut had been suspended from 3 – 16 August, which has now been extended until 31 August. This meant that no tourists could arrive from “sandbox” Phuket. After consultations with all stakeholders, flights on the Phuket-Samui route would resume earlier than scheduled. Bangkok Airways is now scheduling flights between the two islands on 25, 27 and 30 August.

From 15 August to November, 168 fully-vaccinated tourists had already made bookings on Samui, with reservations for 2,149 hotel nights, an average of 12.7 nights per visitor. The reservations were made by French, German, British, Austrian, American and Thai tourists.

5. The number of new confirmed cases today is 17,491 cases. There are currently 195,454 active cases with 22,134 new recoveries and 242 new fatalities. The accumulated number of fatalities is 9,562.

6. The current global outlook for new infections seems to be stable; the same observation can be said of the situation in Thailand’s neighboring countries.

New cases continue to be found both in Bangkok and surrounding provinces as well as in the other provinces with clusters detected in factories, markets, construction workers’ camps, wholesale fruits and vegetables distribution centres and fishing boats. The silver lining is that infection in the country seems to be on a downward trend.

7. CCSA has approved 3 international sports events to be held in Thailand. COVID-19 control measures will be applied.

Full CCSA English briefing can be viewed here >>> https://www.facebook.com/130075662049/posts/10158215643277050/?vh=e&d=n

Source: CCSA, Ministry of Public Health and Department of Information, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA)