Mr. Tanee Sangrat, Director-General of Department of Information and Spokesman of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, reaffirmed the readiness on the vaccination for foreign residents in Thailand after the visit to the Central Vaccination Center, Bang Sue Grand Station. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been closely coordinating with the Central Vaccination Center and the Ministry of Public Health to provide extensive service to foreigners residing in Thailand.

On 25 July 2021, Mr. Tanee Sangrat and Director-General of Department of Consular Affairs made a visit to the Central Vaccination Center, Bang Sue Grand Station to monitor and coordinate the inoculation services for foreign residents. Foreign residents aged 75 years and over residing in Bangkok and dark-red-zone neighboring provinces can walk-in to receive a vaccine while foreign residents aged 60 to 74 are encouraged to pre-register via link and will be notified of the appointment for vaccination via SMS/email.

The Director-General further discussed with the Director of the Central Vaccination Center on how to improve efficiency for inoculation services especially among the group of residents aged 60 years and over by which the Center is expected to accommodate up to approximately 200-300 persons per day. The Department of Consular Affairs would soon provide the pre-registration for other age groups of foreign residents in Thailand.

H.E. Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health, also made a visit to the Center on the same day, emphasising the Thai Government’s policy to inoculate all people who are residing in Thailand and urging all agencies concerned to provide the best inoculation services to foreign residents.

The Deputy Prime Minister also had conversations with foreign residents who were vaccinated. Many of them appreciated the Government’s efforts to provide vaccination services to all people in Thailand regardless of their nationalities.

During 19-24 July 2021, the Central Vaccination Center provided vaccination service to 852 foreign residents. On 25 July 2021, which was the first date for the vaccination appointment of foreign residents aged 60 years and above, the Center provided service to 1,516 foreign residents . The accumulated number for foreign residents who vaccinated at the Center is 2,368.

Source: Department of Consular Affairs

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