1. Vaccination Progress

– Yesterday, Thailand administered 1,034,549 doses of vaccines, increasing the accumulated number of vaccinations to over 63.6 million doses (63,614,352 doses).
– The government will continue the inoculation to meet with the national vaccination goal of having 50 percent of population vaccinated in every province by end of October, as well as the new target to administer the first jab to at least 80% of population, and the second jabs for at least 70% of population by end of December 2021.

2. General Situation

– For daily numbers, new confirmed cases today are at 10,486 cases, making total active case at 107,606, of which 2,897 are in critical condition and 684 are on ventilators.
– There 10,711 newly recovered cases, while the new fatality is at 94, making fatality rate remains at 1.04 %.

3. Overall Situation

– After experiencing a downward trend for a while, the infection rate is starting to stay steady with 70% of the infections found in maximum controlled and strict zones or the Dark Red Zone. These new clusters have been found within communities from social gathering, religious activities, and cultural activities, as well as in factories, workplaces, campsites, and markets.

4. Recap of the Adjusted Measures

– Starting from 16 October 2021, there will be 23 provinces in the Dark Red Zone or the maximum controlled and strict zones. 30 provinces in the maximum controlled zone; and 24 provinces in the controlled zones.

– The curfew time for maximum and strict control zones has been adjusted to 23.00 hrs. to 03.00 hrs. Opening hours for businesses such as convenient stores, cinemas and restaurants are now adjusted to 22.00 hrs. instead of 21.00 hrs. While video arcades and arcade game machines for single and dual players in shopping centres and community malls are allowed to be operated in only in the Red and Orange zones. Meetings, traditional festivals, and cultural activities in exhibition halls, conference centres and similar types of establishments can now be held.

5. Updates on student vaccination

– As of 14 Oct 2021, DDC has administered over 490,000 doses of Pfizer vaccines out of 4.07 million registered students. So far, there has not been report on the adverse side effects following the vaccination from the early warning systems.

While many newly adjusted measures are in line with recent announcement on reopening plans, the pandemic is not over yet. To help control the spread, please continue to wear masks when going out, regularly sanitise hands, maintain social distancing, and only remove masks when eating or drinking, as well as avoid closed spaces, crowded places, and close-contact settings.

Full CCSA English briefing can be viewed here >>> https://fb.watch/8FlmA5tYT7/https://fb.watch/8FlmA5tYT7/

Source: CCSA, Ministry of Public Health, Department of Information, Ministry of Foreign Affairs