“So far, Retirement Non-O Visa renewal is not requiring an insurance policy (at least at Chaengwattana Immigration). In the present CoVid situation, this is ok as long as one doesn’t go out of Thailand. Because to come back it is mandatory to buy both CoVid insurance (100,000 USD minimum cover) AND the Non-O Visa insurance (400,000 THB inpatient, 40,000 THB outpatient) stated by the 2019 law. Both insurances must be valid for the whole stay.

“Besides, whereas you can find Thai insurance companies covering for CoVid up to 99 y.o. those covering for Retirement Visa after 65-70 y.o. are comparatively fewer. Within 75 y.o. a number offer packages including bot CoVid and retirement for around 40,000 THB per year.

‘So to leave Thailand now is by no means an option all expats can consider, unless able to afford the insurance costs.”

– An Italian Expat